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We've condensed wedding planning to four easy steps.



Each wedding starts with a consultation to get our clients excited for the planning process. During this time we tour venues, get acquainted with each other, discuss budgets, and the services needed for the wedding day!


We are known for making the design process as smooth sailing as possible! During this time we discuss all inspiration for the wedding day, color schemes, floral arrangements, floor plans, etc. No detail is too small!

Zack and Annie Wedding-714.jpg
Zack and Annie Wedding-722.jpg

 The Experience

The most crucial part of wedding planning because we do all the work! From mouth watering menus to partying all night long with our incredible DJ, we will make sure your guests have the time of their lives with all of our amazing vendors!

Story Telling

We love keeping up with our clients, as well as inviting them to other exclusive events that we may have in the future. It's always an honor to partner with our guests on such a memorable day, which is why we have a list of preferred photographers & videographers to capture every moment!


Wanting To See More?

Check out our photo gallery that includes more wedding day memories!

Seen Enough?

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